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Homeowners have a right to accurate efficiency information. This is especially true for energy consuming appliances used in the home, such as air conditioners and now pool heat pumps.

As of December 8, 2006 Florida Building Code acknowledges pool heat pumps to meet code requirements. Florida Building Code (13-612.1.ABC.2.3.4) requires all pool heat pumps to perform in accordance with ARI Standard 1160-2004.

The new testing standards are tough.

Testing was previously done in an environment of 80ºF with 80% humidity and then achieve 80ºF water temperature. Heat pumps now must be tested in an environment of 50ºF, 63% humidity, and then achieve 80ºF. Specific minimal efficiencies must be met at these colder conditions.

The GulfStream has not only met the minimum requirements, but has exceeded them!

Florida’s building industry is one of the most powerful, influential and lucrative sources of commerce in Florida. When it comes to code and compliancy, safe is better than sorry when considering future legal and/or financial complications.