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Making sure there is good airflow through the evaporator and proper drainage are the two main tasks. A foaming coil cleaner can be used to clean the evaporator coil. Keep all shrubs trimmed back away from the unit to allow sufficient airflow.

Caution: Make sure all power is disconnected to the heater prior to washing.

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Clean the coil as needed. If located near the ocean, cleaning will need to be done regularly to remove salt and sand. Use a very soft brush so as not to bend the coil fins with soapy water to remove any build up. Keep the drain holes in the base free of debris to assure proper condensate drainage.

Your heat pump’s cabinet is made from a maintenance-free, rust-free plastic that is UV resistant. It will last for years and any dirt or dust may simply be wiped away with a cloth or sprayed off with a water hose. The use of a product such as Armor-All will restore its natural luster. Do not use cleaners that contain alcohol. Alcohol based cleaners may damage the plastic.


In areas where freezing condition is not prevalent and winterizing of pools is not common, allow water to flow through the heater even when not in use.

In freezing areas, it is mandatory that the water be completely drained from the heater and disconnected from the piping. The heat exchanger must be blown out with air to ensure no water is left in the heat exchanger.

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